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Green Initiative

Here at Curby's Lawn & Garden we have always had our environment in mind. Since 1991 we have recycled all runoff water from our nursery through drain tiles and a cistern collection systems. This has saved uncountable gallons of water as well as slowing run off and erosion.

Trees have the greatest positive impact on the Earth's "CARBON FOOTPRINT " through absorbing carbon dioxide out of the air and producing oxygen. Curby's believes by planting trees we're not only adding beauty to our landscapes, but doing our part in saving the environment one tree at a time. Trees offer each person a way to give back to the environment.

We’re also involved in the "GREEN INITIATIVE" of recycling all of our plastic pots using the industry first system through Loma Vista Nurseries of recycling these pots. The pots are either re-used or sent to a company that re-uses the plastic to make various other items.

Curby's commitment to our environment has not ended with just water and plastic. Recycling has gone company wide with the recycling of paper products, cardboard, and aluminum. This dedication to our environment has spread to the homes of many of our employees as well.

Feel free to check how you can make a difference with your family’s "CARBON FOOTPRINT" at

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