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As one of the most important components of landscape maintenance, your irrigation system should be reliable and environmentally conscious now and in the future. At Curby's Lawn and Garden, we have been installing Toro and Rainbird brand irrigation systems for over 30 years, and we understand what products and techniques withstand the effects of time, weather and usage.

Some contractors cut corners at installation by stretching sprinkler head placement or installing too few sprinkler heads, causing brown spots during those hot dry summer months. We design our systems to achieve the best sprinkler head placement so you get the optimal coverage to have that lush, green, lawn while reducing water run–off. Water run–off not only costs you more money but also harms our Environment in the long run, which harms our streams, rivers and sewers.

Our controllers are designed with the Environment in mind as well. They are programmed to run your sprinkler in cycles that are reduced so that the water absorbs into the Earth. This again saves you money reducing water run-off while being Environmentally friendly. With our systems, you will not need an air compressor to “blow out” the lines at the end of the season. Our systems are designed to be self–draining, which allows for easier winterization when that time of year arrives.

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